Partin Ranch CSA

What is a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is an agriculture model that consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farming operation. The growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production.

Our CSA is for people who will pre pay for a seasonal supply of poultry. The produce is available for weekly pick up during the 20 week production season. We will deliver to Canton, Tx for a small fee. Members pre-pay for each season, and although you can discontinue at anytime, WE DO NOT issue refunds.

What will members receive?

The poultry CSA with our pasture raised poultry. The poultry is raised naturally on our pasture. You will receive 1 broiler every week for 20 weeks. You can truly taste the difference! Click here for more information on our pastured poultry.

We also offer fresh turkey's for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be available the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

"CSA is not just a clever, new approach to marketing. Community farming is about the necessary renewal of agriculture through its healthy linkage with the human community that depends upon farming for survival." - Steven McFadden

What is the cost?

Our Poultry CSA will cost $260 for one broiler a week and is only available for on farm pick up. The broiler's will be fresh when they are processed and the other times they will be frozen.

Our holiday turkey's will be $3.99 per lbs.