Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming
Our Ranch Dogs
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Dog Grooming & Bathing

We have dog grooming and cat grooming at the Partin Ranch. All pets are treated like they were our own. We offer expert dog grooming and a price package that fits your budget. When it is time for your pet to come in for a bath they will get bathed from head to tail and tip to nail. We use multiple shampoos to address the specific needs of your pet. In addition, we use conditioners that make your pets skin feel invigorated and your pet's coat will feel silky smooth. All baths for dog grooming include: ears cleaned, nails clipped , anal glands expressed, pleasing fragrance, and finished with a bow or bandana. Cat grooming includes nails clipped and a pleasing fragrance. Your cat grooming can also get a lion cut if you prefer.

Dogs Grooming
Our Ranch Dogs
Lady & Artic

Dental Cleaning

When is it important to regularly clean your pets teeth ?

Regular brushing will help reduce bad breath in your pet and promote good dental hygiene. Even with regular brushing your pet can develop plaque, tartar, and gingivitis and if these conditions are left untreated they can be expensive to treat. Eventually advanced tooth decay will lead to tooth loss. This is easily prevented by properly cleaning your pet's teeth and will prevent Periodontal disease.

Cat Grooming

Our Ranch Cat Leonidas
We offer Cat Grooming!

Other Dental Concerns

The other problems that can arise with poor dental hygiene are an array of health problems. The mouth is full of bacteria that can spread to the liver, kidneys, joints, and heart muscles. When your pet has gingivitis bacteria gain access to the blood stream. The gums are a barrier to the rest of the body and when they get inflamed that barrier has been compromised. This can contribute or lead to potentially fatal diseases. Get a dental cleaning with your dog grooming and inprove your dogs health today!