Poultry & Eggs
Coming Spring 2015

Pasutre Poultry

We pride ourselves on the quality of the chickens we produce because our chicken & eggs are pastured raised with the highest care possible. The meat produced has a better taste and texture when compared to the chicken in your local supermarket . Pasture raised chickens eat insects and green material found in the natural environment which produces a chicken that is lower is saturated fat, healthy, and tastes great.

The pasture raised chicken broilers have a yellow fat which when cooked do not make a hard grease on top of the both. The grease remains soft and the supermarket birds will harden like wax.

Our chickens are also hand processed to eliminate fecal contamination of the meat. When the meat is cooked it will drop about 9% of the total weight and the supermarket birds will drop 20%. Try one of our pasture raised chicken broilers or a dozen pasture raised eggs today! You will not be disappointed.

Problems with mass produced chicken

The poultry industry has 10,000's of chickens confined in a very small space and this makes it economically viable, but it produces an poor product. The fecal contamination within these facilities covers everything with a fecal dust and is high in ammonia which causes lesions on the lungs.

Pasture Chicken

The bacterial load is also high and requires that the chickens be give large amounts of antibiotics to survive.

The poultry industry uses mechanical methods to process the chickens which breaks open the intestines and pours fecal material inside of the body cavity and contaminates the chicken. The chickens are then put in chill tanks which accumulate up to 20% of the fecal material. The soft meat on these chickens will then soak up 9% of the fecal contaminated water and then the birds are given over 40 chlorine baths!